Pun’s Labyrinth Sells Out, More Events in 2020

Did you notice our course rating has dropped? What gives!? If you haven’t reviewed the course, or done so in a while and need to update it, please do! We have made so many improvements in recent years including restrooms, better trails and maintenance. Please give our volunteers some love and provide a great rating/review!


Pun’s Labyrinth IX sold out within MINUTES! Don’t worry if you are on the wait-list, we typically see a lot of people drop due to unforeseen scheduling issues or other circumstances. If you KNOW you are going to need to drop, please let the tournament staff know as soon as possible so others will know they are in!

So what other great events are coming up this year you can register for? We know Pun’s has been the “big one” but we have started these other great events as well and they are just as notable!

CANCELLED – Saturday, June 13th – The Eagles Fly at Punderson

TD – Scott Williams

This is our classic “Red, White and Blue” event where you get to experience the course from a varied layout. If you haven’t played all the tees, we highly recommend you get some practice in on these rounds so you are familiar with the layout.

First round will be starting from Red on hole one to the short baskets.

Second round will be starting from Blue on hole one to the long baskets.

Sunday, August 30th – The Odorous Open

TD – Larry Bright

You will play two rounds with all competitors playing a Reds to Shorts Round 1 followed by a beat down playing a longer and more challenging Round 2 (Blues/Whites/Reds to Longs depending on division).

Saturday, October 10th – Punderson Glow Doubles

TD – Bob Becker

Punderson is a great place to glow golf! Just remember to watch for the owls, coyotes and all things that go bump in the night… The Manor and Campground are both rumored to be haunted with several eyewitnesses accounts, and we don’t doubt that the woods where the disc golf course lives probably are too…

The layout will feature The Original 9 holes, with some add-on holes used where long pins are in play. Two rounds will be played, with a minimum of 12 holes per round and 24 total.

This event will be $50 per team with each team member getting a little something to commemorate the occasion. The cost of the item will be deducted from entry fees ($20 per team, with each player getting a custom stamped Innova glow disc) with all remaining funds going to payouts in cold hard cash for each division. The TD reserves the right to ensure fair positioning in divisions, and will move teams accordingly to keep it fair. If you need clarification on divisions, please ask.

Glow discs will be available for sale at the event as well!!!

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