1. What is Disc Golf?

Disc golf is a flying disc game in which individual players throw a flying disc at a target. According to the Professional Disc Golf Association, “The object of the game is to traverse a course from beginning to end in the fewest number of throws of the disc.”[2] Of the more than 3000 established disc golf courses as of 2010, approximately 87% are free.

Reference: Wikipedia – Click Here for the Full Article

2. Is the Course FREE?

Yes, our course is free to play.

3. Can I use a regular Frisbee to play?

You cannot use a regular Frisbee to play during a tournament or other league events. We highly recommend purchasing an official “disc golf” disc as they are heavier and designed specifically for disc golf. Disc golf discs can be purchased at Geauga Pawn, JC’s Restaurant, Punderson Marina Concessions/Sports Chalet (in winter) or rented from the park.

4. What is a Glow Throw?

A glow throw is played in the dark with glow in the dark discs. The baskets are lighted using glow necklaces. Flashlights are prohibited during play at our course. A black light LED light (available in Walmart’s Hunting/Camping section for about $10.00) may be used during the glow throw to light the discs.

5. Where do I find glow in the dark discs?

We generally always have some available for sale! Come to one of our glow or regular league events to purchase them.  You can also purchase them online.

 6. I’m just starting out, what discs should I get?

This is a hard question, as it is different for each individual. However, we do recommend that one of the first discs you should purchase be a putter. A putter can generally be used through the whole course and are easy to get the hang of. A good starter mid-range disc would be a Roc (Innova) or a Buzz (Discraft). A recommended starter driver would be a Leopard (Innova). Starter sets can also be purchased at some sporting good stores and online. Sets usually come with a beginner putter, mid-range and a driver. If you are interested in the sport and want to learn more about the discs and how they are used, feel free to come to one of our league events and speak to some of our experienced players!

7. Can I buy the shirts from your Tournament Shop at your events?

At this time we do have some 2012 Spring League and Glow in the Dark league shirts available, however the shirts in our tournament shop can currently only be purchased online. Spreadshirt, the company who prints and ships the shirts does each order individually, just for you. This enables you to pick the product, color and size you need so we don’t have anything extra left on hand and waste valuable funds that could be used to improve the course and run events. Sales from the shop help support our website and league events.

8. Do you play in the winter?

YES! YES WE DO! Disc golf can be played ALL YEAR LONG. Some players attach a length of curling ribbon to their discs during winter so if they get lost in the snow, the ribbon stays exposed to find the disc. We do not recommend throwing white or pale colored discs during the winter when there is ANY amount of snow on the ground. Neon discs tend to “glow” through the snow and are easier to find. We recommend watching your foot paths in fresh snow when looking for discs. Foot trails can make it impossible to find where a disc went under the snow. Make sure to have your name and number written on the discs for better chance of it getting returned if found.

9. I found someone’s Disc! What do I do with it?

If there is no name or number on the disc, that is up to you. If there is a name and phone number on the disc it is common courtesy to contact the person to let them know you found it. You may then place the disc in the return box, attached to the kiosk at the beginning of the course; or hold onto if you don’t mind returning it to the owner yourself. The return box is there for convenience, however there is the risk of a vandal breaking into the box and stealing the discs.

10. There is an Emergency on the course! Who do I contact? ANSWER: 911

If it is a medical or other emergency please dial 911 – Please indicate that that the disc golf course parking lot is the FIRST RIGHT after entering the park (they may not know were it is). If you are on the course on holes 15 by the lake, 16, or 17 it may be closer to have emergency services go to the white house located on Pine Lake off of 87 (Kinsman Road) the address is approximately: 11482 Kinsman Road, Newbury, OH 44065.

If you have a non-emergency but are witnessing vandalism, or suspicious activity please attempt to contact the State Park Office at (440) 564-2279, the Manor House (440) 564-9144 or the Geauga County Sheriff’s Department: (440) 635-1234.

11. Donations – Where do they go? How much of my donation gets put towards the course?

The disc golf course is primarily maintained through the Friends of Punderson and regular maintenance such as mowing and some grooming are done by the park staff. When you make a donation, it goes directly into the Disc Golf Fund under the Friends of Punderson 501c3 Non-Profit Organization. This means that 100% of your donation will be put back towards maintenance and amenities for the disc golf course. Your donation can help bring new amenities to the course in the future such as a shelter, more parking, nicer paths, a bridge to the island and more!

12. This is a really cool website! I want my league to have a site like this!

Kathy ‘Cupcake’ Loraine currently administers the website and set it up for us. She is also responsible for our current shirt designs and Tournament Shop. WordPress is currently used for the site with integrated widgets and Google Calendar. If you want to ask any specific questions, please use our contact form.