Who’s Ready for Disc Golf in the Snow?

Snow at Punderson State Park Disc Golf Course

Bob Becker at Hole #7

Everyone ready for some snow golf? That’s right we play right through the winter in all the snow, mud and mess!

Worried about losing a disc? Some players tape a long piece of curling ribbon (thin ribbon used for gift wrapping) taped onto the disc so you can find it in the snow. Even with a fresh coat of snow it can sometimes be hard to find a disc. We do not recommend throwing white, yellow and light blue discs at this time of year as they are extremely hard to find! Please try to use bright colors or tape a ribbon on them to help find them (or watch where it goes). Discs can also be purchased during our regular scheduled league times, at Geauga Pawn and JC’s Restaurant.

If you lose a disc, we hope that the disc golf gods are with you and any soul who finds it will be nice enough to contact you to return it; so make sure your name and phone number are printed clearly on your discs.

Punderson State Park is located in the heart of the snow belt, just South of Chardon and can receive large amounts of snow in a small amount of time. Please make sure to plan a safe trip if driving from more than an hour away – make sure your tank is full, you have a spare, your cell phone is charged and you have warm clothing!  Luckily if you get stuck you can always spend the night at the park in one of their rooms or a cabin.