The New Event: Nightmare on Pine Lake

We’ve been talking about it for a while, and it didn’t make it on the roster last year. But now that Pun’s was moved up to July, we thought we could squeeze it in.

Registration Form, online registration pending…

Whether you care about Halloween or not, we are going to kick off Nightmare on Pine Lake with a transcendence into the engulfing darkness on wooded the shores of Pine Lake for a round of glow golf. If you haven’t played glow before, be prepared to wander in the pitch blackness while being stalked by the nocturnal creatures that call the course their home. We are only allowing glow discs, or use of glow tape on discs, no LED lights on discs will be allowed. Please note: If you have ‘Disc Dollars’ or ‘Punny Money’ left over from the Pun’s Labyrinth tournament, you will need to use it up, we have Glow Discs in stock if you need them. Also, we do not allow the use of flashlights during glow events. You can purchase Energizer brand Black/UV Light visor lights at Walmart in the hunting/camping section to light the discs and find your way for about $10; there are also three beam lights that have a white LED, red LED and Black Light/UV LED for around $7.00 – if you have one of these please cover the white LED with duct tape, the red light may be used to light ground while walking, you MAY NOT shine your light ahead on the course during play.

FREE CAMPINGĀ  night of Friday, October 4th – We will be providing free camping Friday night with registration. We have the same group site we did for Pun’s which is group site #3 – same rules apply, tents only. If you need a parking pass for the campsite, please let me know. Otherwise, you can check into the campsite after 3:00pm on Friday, set up your tent, and move your vehicle to the parking lot by the check in station. IF YOU NEED CAMPING SATURDAY NIGHT – I highly recommend you reserve a site NOW (call 440-564-1195), they are booking up pretty quickly as this is their Halloween Campout (they have events through the day Saturday including trick or treating). Also, don’t forget the Disc Craft Ace Race at Sims Park in Euclid is the next day, so you if you are coming into town, you can stay at the park and play both events!

NightmareShirtSaturday morning formats are yet to be determined, please stay tuned for updates.

We will be having a 50/50 raffle.

Pumpkin Carving Contest prior to glow, and Costume Contest pending for Friday night, if you are interested in participating, please indicate this on your registration form. If enough people are interested we will go forward with both, if only a few are interested we won’t do it, so your feedback is important.

Anyone who registers by September 15th will be eligible to receive a “Nightmare on Pine Lake” t-shirt. You can order additional shirts for $12.00 / each. If this goes well, we may consider doing shirts with registration for Pun’s Labyrinth next year…