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A New Event – The Pine Lake Open – September 26th, 2015

tg-Pine_Lake_Open_2015-1439648353-largeAt Punderson, we have done different things for fall tournaments. This year, we are not planning on having Nightmare on Pine Lake (if there is interest in Nightmare on Pine Lake, please let Cupcake know, that would be a mid-late October event), we are NOT having the WTF Open (which was last November in connection with a Friend’s of Punderson Benefit Dinner which is not going to happen this year either). So, what did we come up with? The Pine Lake Open

What is the Pine Lake Open? It is a tournament for players who like to challenge the Blues at Punderson. Two rounds, both from the Blue Tees. First round Blues to short baskets, second round Blues to long baskets.

We hope for a good turnout, even though this is a first-time event, as we are looking to make this an annual tournament. If you didn’t get to play in Pun’s Labyrinth, or did, and want another shot at defeating the course, this is it.

As this is a first year event, we do not have any “extras” planned at the moment, and more details will be coming soon.

Saturday Scrambles are BACK!

Sorry for the late update but Saturday Scrambles are back for the summer! It is actually called the Punderson Summer League 2015 on Disc Golf Scene.

2:00pm Start Time

$5.00 player fee each session

$1.00 ace pool

The first 3 weeks of each month will be random draw best-shot scrambles. The last week of each month we will rotate between singles, skins, and birdie bash style formats. I will update this rotation as time permits. Each week, no matter what the format is, the group present will vote on the course layout that will be played that week.

The $1 Ace fund is optional, and will be paid out at the end of the day with a CTP throw, if no aces are made during league play.

If you haven’t played in a Punderson league, we like to make it fun, so come out and join us sometime.

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