Pun’s Labyrinth II and Other Updates

First, we apologize for the late update! We have been busy trying to manage keeping the course maintained and arranging for the white tee pads to be poured before Pun’s Labyrinth II.

Also, its been a while since I’ve personally been on Disc Golf Scene, but am super happy to see we now have an “A-” rating and 18th of all of Ohio, this is an amazing feat! Once the white tees are poured… and perhaps an island hole is added we can be closer to #1! Thank you to everyone who has supported the course and our events.

As far as a current league goes, we currently have a Glow League and a Doubles League running… we didn’t update this right away because the doubles league has been touch and go, considering other local tournaments and making sure someone who is able to run the league will be there. Regardless, someone will probably be at the course around 2:00pm on Saturdays to play, so please communicate with other players on this, if anything, go play and have a good time!

Puns Labyrinth II is going to be a blast! The two day tournament has been scheduled for July 27th and 28th, with FREE CAMPING at the park with pre-registration. We are also trying to organize a Fly Mart on Friday, July 26th before the tournament at the Sport’s Chalet for other local area clubs to come and sell their merchandise and promote their upcoming events as we are very grateful for all the help we have been given to get our course up and running. Also, Cupcake worked very hard to get some great raffle prizes this year and we will be drawing prizes Saturday night as opposed to at the end of the tournament. Prizes include disc golf items, outdoor equipment, camping gear, and Pun’s Labyrinth II merchandise. You will earn tickets for raffle items during the mini games which we hope to have a better handle on running this year so it goes smoothly. We would also like to thank DG Nomad, Dynamic Discs, and Upper Park Designs, and Play it Again Sports in Lyndhurst for sponsoring our course & this event. Although it is not completely set in stone, we are also looking to have a players party at Zeppe’s Tavern in Newbury Saturday afternoon with mini-putting contest for those who wish to join. We want everyone to have fun, but we want everyone to consider that we will be representing our local league and the sport of disc golf to the local area; we are very happy for Zeppe’s to have us and hope to continue to have their support.

PunsIIAbout the Pun’s Labyrinth II artwork – This year we wanted to maintain the theme with the spin on “Pan’s Labyrinth” as our course is winding and crosses over itself a few times. The fawn is featured coming out of a crescent moon overlooking the ‘labyrinth’ course with the lake and island. You can purchase gear in our Tournament Shop or at Disc Golf Den which is run by Cupcake who does graphic and apparel design on the side. This year we also have some glow in the dark shirts available with the logo as it was approved for printing this time around!

If you have any questions about the league, upcoming tournaments, or helping us to work on the course and get it in tip-top shape, please contact us through Disc Golf Scene or at PundersonDiscGolf(at)hotmail.com.

Pun’s Labyrinth – THIS SATURDAY, Sept. 22nd

Custom Tournament Discs
Artwork Designed by Cupcake

Pun’s Labyrinth is this Saturday! Get ready for a full day of disc golf, food, fun and prizes!

As this is our First PDGA Sanctioned Tournament we want everyone who can to join us! If you haven’t preregistered, please do so now as this will help us get everyone checked in quickly.

The tournament headquarters along with check in will be located at the Sports Chalet, which is located at the end of Buckeye Drive (first driveway to the left past the disc golf course marked with a number 3 on the Park Map) by the sled hill and tennis courts. We will also be meeting here between and after rounds for score calculation, side games, and prize distribution. If at all possible, we recommend car pooling from the chalet to the course parking lot as parking is limited there.

In case anyone hasn’t played the course (which you should have by now if you signed up!) “Pun’s Labyrinth” is more than just a cool name. If you have read some of our reviews on DGCourseReview.com, you will see that many people find the layout confusing as the course crosses itself a few times. Although it can be confusing the first few times you play through, it isn’t so bad once you get the hang of it! The layout actually makes use of the heavily wooded area off of Punderson State Park’s Pine Lake quite well with varied uphill, downhill, wooded and lake shots, with out-of-bounds marked on some.

Like in the story of Pan’s Labyrinth, you will be presented with many challenges within the winding, wooded course; however we won’t ask you to make any sacrifices. The course has seen a great many improvements in the last few weeks, and we hope everyone comes out to enjoy it!

Please be watchful of poison ivy, poison oak and poison sumac; although the course has been cleaned up a lot in the past 6 months, poison ivy still exists in certain areas of the course. Besides wearing the appropriate clothing, we have found that Tecnu is one of the best products for prevention of outbreaks. In the springtime, Jack-in-the-Pulpit plants litter the wooded areas of the course – if you see red berry bunches on the ground at this time of year, these are their fruit, please avoid touching them as they are toxic!

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