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HURRY! – Help Back TOBU Ping, the Trackable Disc Golf Disc

TOBU Ping only has 10 days left to get to their $10,000 goal on Kickstarter. For about $30.00 you can help them back their project and get one of the first discs produced to test it out. You will not be charged your pledge if they do not meet their goal of $10,000 and being at around $5,500 at the moment they have a long way to go in just 10 days!

We do get occasional requests from innovators in the sport of disc golf to help promote it (our website must be awesome, right?), but this project goes a little beyond most. The innovators of TOBU Ping have also been a driving force in getting the PDGA to allow electronic devices approved in discs. Now whether this is something players will accept and use, is up to them. However their idea is simple, add a device to a quality driver to help locate the disc after flight using a Bluetooth device, saving time on the course and keeping money in your pocket.

I have seen too many players lose their favorite discs, not only in the lake but also on the course… eaten by fallen leaves, brush piles or just may have bounced off somewhere unseen. For pledging $31.00 you can be one of the few people to get their first run of discs and their “Thank You” package. You can visit their Kickstarter Page or watch the video below!

Not sure this product will take off? Comment below and we will attempt to notify the innovators of our players concerns here at Pundy! What if they don’t reach their goal? Then you will not be charged for your pledge and they will have to try again!

About Ping (Taken from their Kickstarter page)

At TOBU Discs, we are passionate about disc golf! Our team of disc golfers, product engineers, and software designers are on a mission to bring to market the most technologically advanced disc the world has yet to see!

We’re lucky enough to live in the disc golf capital of the USA – Charlotte, NC! (There are over 40 courses in and around the city, and the number keeps growing each year!) Through our experience playing the game, and by studying the common issues most players have, we have arrived with many ideas on how to enhance the game for everyone.

Most importantly, we have the capability to bring these ideas to market. Through our strategic alliance, we have tapped into 25 years of engineering expertise with a company skilled in delivering demanding products requiring complex designs and high precision. As such, we are confident that we can deliver – but we will need your help to meet our funding goals!

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